Commercial Paving in Lake Geneva, WI

Lake Geneva, WI Paving Contractors know that commercial paving is a demanding line of work, requiring constant attention to detail and pride of workmanship to be successful at it. Whether your company is in need of a new parking lot, driveway, loading or fueling area, talk with a paving professional to decide which material is best for your specific situation. Concrete and asphalt are both good choices; both are strong and durable and can take a lot of punishment, but they don’t always hold up the same over time. Our climate consists of some harsh winter conditions and this can lead to repeated cycles of precipitation, freezing, and thawing. These are conditions that are ideal for causing severe ground heave, and no paving material can stand up very well to that expansion and contraction, although asphalt will suffer less serious damage than concrete. When it comes to repairing damage from ground heave, asphalt will always be the easier of the two to repair, and those repairs will be less obvious than repairs done to concrete.

Getting an asphalt surface to stay looking good for an extended period of time takes a properly-executed installation and regular maintenance. One of the biggest sources of asphalt issues is the use of improper base material during the installation. Either the wrong material was selected, or it was installed with an abundance of gaps, which allow water to enter and compromise sections of the pavement. Doing the installation right the first time will prevent this from happening and you won’t have the cracks, potholes, and shattering to deal with. Sealing is very important to an asphalt surface; if it isn’t done correctly, the asphalt will lose its binding and begin to deteriorate. Even if sealant is used, if it isn’t applied properly, you can still end up with structural issues caused by water entering the paved areas and weakening them. Lake Geneva, WI Paving Contractors will make certain that their application of sealant includes two coats of commercial sealant. There are several methods to apply the sealant, but the most effective combination seems to be with the first coat being applied with a squeegee machine and the second coat being sprayed on. This procedure seems to ensure maximum penetration of the sealant.

The commercial paving professional at hill’s visit us can do expert installations, as well as seal coating, crack filling, overlays, patching, striping, maintenance, concrete, and perforated tile installations, with 100% client satisfaction.