Commercial Overhead Doors

Are you searching for a commercial overhead door in Clearwater FL? There are a lot of options available. What sort of options will you have to pick to get the door you are looking for, for your business? You’ll likely have to pick the color, how the door is opened, the material, the size and the insulation factor.

There are two main kinds of commercial overhead doors. You can pick the sectional or the rolling service door. In order to know what you need, you have to understand the difference between the two doors. Rolling service doors tend to be metal slatted doors designed to roll up to a coil above the opening. This door is typically more durable than its sectional door peer. The sectional door is less costly than the rolling service door, but requires a mount on the roof and wall.

Both of these door options come in a variety of colors. You can work with a professional to choose a color that will complement your commercial building. Some of these doors may even be able to have a custom color, which ensures you will get the color you want.

How do you want the door to open? Should it be manual or motorized? Do you want a chain hoist? If you do want it to be motorized, what kind of actuator will you want? You may not realize it, but there are a lot of choices surrounding this single characteristic of the door. You can find radio control, push button, loop detector, pull cord and motion detector actuators for your commercial overhead door in Clearwater FL.

What material do you need in a door? Rolling service doors are typically made from durable steel while sectional doors can have aluminum skins over steel to protect from corrosion. You will likely need the advice of a professional to pick the best material.

This type of commercial door can come custom sizes. The standard max width and height of a sectional door is 36 feet and 28 feet respectively. Rolling doors, on the other hand, have a standard max width and height of 20 feet for both measurements. The size of door you need will dictate what kind of door you can get.

Finally, you have to pick out the insulation factor of your overhead door in Clearwater FL. Both the sectional and rolling service doors can come in insulated and non-insulated options.

As you look for an overhead door in Clearwater FL, you have a lot of choices to make. Work with a professional team of Warehouse Doors to get the best overhead door in Clearwater FL, for your business.

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