Commercial Air Conditioning Contractors in Longmont CO Help Many People Stay Comfortable

Commercial Air Conditioning Contractors in Longmont CO are considered essential by business owners who would probably see a significant drop in customer visits without it. People have become so accustomed to climate control in places like retail stores and restaurants that they would be taken aback to walk into an excessively warm business environment on a hot summer day. Employees also would rather work in cool comfort when the exterior temperatures are unpleasant due to the heat.

The Summer Heat

Although this part of the country doesn’t experience brutal heat that is common to the south during the summer, temperatures can still soar into uncomfortable ranges. Humidity is relatively low compared to regions to the east and along the northwest coast, but the hot sun can still make a building interior unpleasantly warm if no central air system has been installed.

Commercial vs. Residential Air Conditioning Features

The work of Commercial Air Conditioning Contractors in Longmont CO is rather different from that of residential central air installation technicians. Commercial equipment requires more size and power to cool a larger indoor area and to provide comfort for many more people than spend time in one home. More heat is generated inside a business setting because all those humans give off heat, and often, a large amount of computer equipment does as well.

The commercial air conditioner may be a rooftop unit that combines both heating and cooling functions. This is very different from residential central air, which is usually generated through an exterior compressor unit alongside the house. Warm air and a certain amount of moisture is extracted from the interior air, and cool air is blown through vents into the rooms.

Greater Comfort and Satisfaction

When commercial installation technicians from a company such as Poudre Valley Air add climate control to a business setting, the owners, employees and customers all feel much more satisfied in this environment. Customers may spend more time in the building simply to avoid going back out into the heat. That means they’ll probably spend more money. Employees will enjoy not having to endure a hot, sweaty work environment. Like us on Facebook.

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