Commemorative Plaques and Why We Have Them

Visitors will likely see at least a handful of plaques around Reynoldsburg, OH, with many different purposes. One of the most popular and well-known types of plaque is a commemorative plaque, usually placed outside a building or home where a famous person worked, lived or was born. If you ever travel to Liverpool in England you will see a blue ‘English Heritage’ wall plaque on the birth homes of the Beatles and in London you will see the blue historic plaques dedicated to many writers, movie stars, music stars and TV stars attached to the walls of the homes they lived in.

The same can be seen around the entire United States, where people have lived or were born. Also, other forms of plaques can be readily seen on memorials and walls in dedication to troops and soldiers who have died in combat over the years. Many war memorials around the country are dedicated to specific wars such as World War I, World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam War and of course the Civil War, among many others.

Sports and other Dedications

If you look in many sports clubs, golf clubs and other prestigious sporting arenas you will very likely see huge wall plaques with engraved names on them. These ‘progressive plaques’ are large enough that they can be added to every time a new name is due to appear on it. Let’s suppose, for example, that a yearly competition, such as the Wimbledon Men’s Tennis Final, produces a new name-or an existing name from previous years-the club will scribe the new winner on the progressive plaque along with the year they won the trophy. The Masters Golf Tournament is another prestigious award that has a progressive plaque naming the yearly winners. Along with the afore mentioned clubs, there are probably hundreds of other sports clubs around the country that have a plaque which commemorates past winners of major local or national sporting events. Corporate awards often involve the use of a plaque, awarded to the winner or highest achiever within a company. The award can be for anything the company chooses and the award ceremony can be yearly, bi-yearly or given for long service upon the retirement of the said person.

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