Coin Collecting: An Investment in Time and Money

Though many approach coin collecting as a hobby, it can also be a sound investment. In the US alone, coin collecting is a $10 billion dollar a year industry. While it isn’t a way to “get rich quick,” coin collecting offers a generous return on investment for those willing to dedicate the time.

Types of Valuable Coins

For those who are just starting out, or who are on a budget, purchasing penny rolls from your local bank is a great place to begin your collection. These usually contain a decent number of wheat pennies.

Pennies minted prior to 1983 are mostly copper, which increases their value three times. While this may not seem like much initially, it will add up. By the time you are ready to find a coin buyer in Chicago, you may have saved yourself “a pretty penny”.

If you’re starting out with a little more wiggle room in your initial investment, rolls of nickels, dimes, and quarters may pay off if any of them contain actual silver. Those starting out with a large budget may find themselves drawn to proof sets at the US Mint.

The Payoff

Coin collecting is a hobby with many benefits. First, there is the thrill of the hunt. Nothing is more exciting than your first “big find” …Except for your third, fourth, and fifth! Secondly, coin collecting is an interest that can span generations. Many a grandchild has delighted at the feet of their grandparents as they sorted through coins together, making coin collecting both an investment and an activity that the family can enjoy together.

Financially, the payoff can be as little or as much as the work you are willing to put into it. Dedicated collectors who have done their research have made upwards of thousands of dollars in profits.

Whether the investment you are looking for is financial, entertainment, or time spent with family, coin collecting is a venture worth considering.

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