CNC Turning Services and Their Benefits

A few years ago, many machined products were created with simple lathes and the machines did a very good job. However, most of the work, skill and effort came from the machine operator and finding highly skilled machinists for your shop is not an easy thing to do these days. This is the reason many shops are going with cnc turning services. Let’s check them out and discover what they can do for you.

What is CNC Turning?

CNC turning refers to an automated lathe operation with computer numeric control. These machines can be programmed to perform a number of tasks depending on how many axes they utilize. Here are some of the advantages they provide.


Skilled machine operators receive high wages for their work. This requires specialized training and years of experience on the job. However, CNC turning services do not require the kind of machinist skills that manual shop operations need. The only thing the operator needs to know, is how to set up and program the lathe. This kind of training should not take too long, nor is it considered to be complicated.


Older lathe machines cannot easily be upgraded. In fact, it is usually easier to replace the machine, but this is not the case with modern computerized lathes. In many cases, it is a simple matter of upgrading software to provide additional services to customers.

Precision Machining

Modern CNC machines are capable of high tolerance work. In fact, it would be extremely difficult to create the same results on a manually operated lathe. With precision capabilities at your fingertips, an entire world of possibilities opens up. For example, your shop can compete with other shops for medical device, aerospace and other precision work. With CNC turning services it takes fewer people to run your shop and this increases efficiency and profits.

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