Cleaning Your Gutters – Here are Some Helpful Tips

Autumn leaves are beautiful and make an impressive landscape. However, these things of beauty can get into guttering systems and cause all kinds of problems. When it is time for gutter cleaning, you have a lot of work ahead of you. To make the process a little easier, here are some tips from your gutter repair and installation specialists in Auburn WA.

Check Your Roof

Is your roof high off the ground? Does the roof have a steep pitch? If so, you might not want to try cleaning your own gutters. High, steep roofs are best left to professional gutter repair and cleaning services in Auburn WA. They have all the right tools and equipment and trained technicians.

Standard Roofs

If your roof is standard, you may want to attempt the task of cleaning the gutters. Gutter cleaning is best done with a ladder. Make sure your ladder is sturdy enough to hold you and when possible, have someone hold the ladder while you ascend and descend. Even the best ladders can tilt or tip while climbing and without a helper, you could place yourself in danger.


Here are some of the tools you may need:

 * Sturdy work gloves

 * Garden hose with nozzle

 * Safety glasses

 * Shop vac (wet/dry

 * Garden hose

 * Scooping tool

 * Bucket for debris

Debris Removal

Be careful and take your time while removing debris. When you get in a hurry, you could injure yourself. For example, do not try to reach too far while on a ladder. When you get so far into the gutter cleaning, come down and move the ladder over.

Put debris in a scrap container or bucket. This keeps you from cleaning your yard or driveway afterward. When done, ask your gutter repair specialists in Auburn WA about gutter guard solutions, so you never have to clean again.