Cleaning up after a basement flood

Although hurricane Sandy is still fresh in people’s minds, it was not the first thing that ever caused a flooded basement along the coast. Even a power outage can cause a flooded basement in Clifton Park by stopping the sump pump from working. Any water in the basement, regardless of how it got there can dramatically increase the possibility of mold, mildew and damage to items that were stored there.

Once the reason for the power failure has passed and power is restored, it is time to tackle the basement, the first decision is, who will do the work, the professionals or are you going the DIY route? Depending on the extent of the damage, cleaning up the flooded basement Clifton Park can be done just as effectively and a lot less expensive than hiring a company to do it.

Pump the basement out first:

The moment the power is restored, the sump pump should kick in and begin draining the basement. Depending on the amount of water that was taken in, it may be necessary to augment the sump pump with a larger pump; often these are available at a tool rental shop.

Once the bulk of the water has been removed, either by the sump pump or an auxiliary pump, the next step is to get the basement clean to stop the spread of disease and the spread of mold growth. Once the current emergency is cleaned up and things get back to normal, then looking for ways to prevent a recurrence can be undertaken.

When the sump pump had done the best it can on removing the standing water, there will be residual water left. This last bit of water can be dried using a wet-dry vacuum, mop and bucket, fans and dehumidifiers. Pay particular attention to where you plug in an electrical appliance, if the outlet was submerged during the time of the flooded basement in Clifton Park, do not use it until an electrician has given the all-clear.

The first thing to attack in your clean-up efforts is mold; this growth must be stopped as quickly as possible. Mold is a spore that moves on the air, if you use your air-conditioning or heating system before you have solved the mold problem, you will move the spores throughout the home and the next thing you know, it will be growing on damp surfaces in the rooms.

If the mold problem is significant, you are well advised to hire a company that has the skills, knowledge and equipment to eradicate the problem. Mold is an allergen and is responsible for triggering asthma attacks, causing inflammation of the sinuses and attacking the immune system.

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