Civil Litigation with a Car Accident Lawyer Mt. Prospect

Over six million car accidents occur each year and if you are a victim of one,  Prospect to help you. The key to avoid financial loss will be by working to recover your losses that are due to the accident occurring.

Filing the Lawsuit

The first thing you will want to do when seeking justice is to be sure you have a strong enough case to file a lawsuit. The attorney you meet with can listen to the details of the accident and provide legal counsel regarding the strength of your case.

If the case is strong enough, you will be required to list the allegations and charges against the other party. The lawsuit will then be filed on the defendant who will have thirty days to issue a response. The response provided by the defendant must address each of the charges individually.

The Discovery Process

A critical and telling part of Civil Litigation in Fredericton involves the discovery process. There are a number of part to this process and these are listed below:

* Written interrogatories -; Questions that will be served on either party involved in a lawsuit involving the details of the car accident.

* Deposition -; The deposition is a key part to any civil litigation and will require either party to meet face-to-face with the opposing attorney and answer a series of questions.

* Response to admission statements -; When the plaintiff or defendant are served statements that must either be admitted or denied regarding the case.

* Response to production documents -; The time to prove the amount of your losses or the other person being at fault is during this time.

The discovery process will involve getting the details of the accident and working to prove who is legally right or wrong. The amount of time involved in discovery will vary based on each individual case.

Finally, be sure to work closely with your car accident lawyer to prove your case and recovery your losses.

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