Choosing Wake Board Boats Finger Lakes Region

With summer on its way, many folks will be thinking about water sports. Wake Board Boats have been growing in popularity along with the surface water sport known as wakeboarding or skurfing. This sport is a synthesis of snowboarding and water skiing, and the boats have been developed to create large wakes, for the wakeboarder to hurdle back and forth while performing aerial tricks. Wakeboard specific boats are classed as V-drive boats. This means they have a special propulsion system where the engine is installed in the back of the boat to keep more weight in the rear which makes the resulting wake larger.

Some of the best V-drive boats are the Wake Board Boats Finger Lakes Region. This well known region is made up of a series of eleven long thin lakes resembling fingers in upstate New York. You can find fishing charters, fuel, dockage, and boating showrooms on the lakes. Canandaigua Lake even has a Wakeboard Pro shop at the marina. Many folks go wakeboarding on the Finger Lakes, and there is even a Wakeboard Tournament on Lake George where you can see all the thrilling spins, flips, and jumps that have been perfected by the athletes.

Choosing the proper Wake Board Boats Finger Lakes Region designed for wakeboarding takes a little bit of research. Some boats may not have the required features for successful wakeboarding. The boat must be able to maintain speeds of 18 to 23 mph which is regarded as the optimum speed range for wakeboarding. Speeds depend on the boat’s make and model, and desirable speeds also depend on the size of the board, the weight of the rider, and the kinds of tricks the rider wishes to perform.

Some boats on the market have Wakeboarding versions that do not perform satisfactorily for an experienced wakeboarder. These would include jet boats, outboard boats, and inboard/outboard (I/Os) boats or runabouts. Experts agree that inboard boats are the best for wakeboarding. The engine is inside the boat like a runabout, but there is no outdrive located on the rear. Inboard boats are able to displace more water which leads to bigger wakes that the athletes require. Inboard boats come in two types: the V-drive and the direct drive. The engine is located in the boat’s center with the transmission in the rear of a direct drive boat. A V-drive engine is placed in the rear.

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