Choosing the Right Style for Landscaping in Boulder, CO

Your home’s landscaping is one of the best ways you can display your creativity. There are several unique styles of landscaping to choose from, with varying qualities such as upbeat or calm, modern or traditional, colorful or neutral. Three of the most common and beautiful styles today are English style, Oriental style, and Modern American style.

The English landscaping style is a classic style of Landscaping in Boulder, CO that displays a deep appreciation for nature. Inspired by classical paintings of Renaissance artists, the English style often incorporates lakes, rolling lawns, cobblestone walkways, and grottoes. The color scheme of the English landscaping style uses neutral grays and browns, muted shades of blue, deep greens and occasional splashes of lighter colors such as reds and yellows. It is one of the best styles for giving your garden a stately, regal atmosphere.

Oriental style landscaping is built around the concepts of balance and serenity. This style of Landscaping in Boulder, CO employs bold reds, blues, and greens in its color scheme that are balanced out by calmer sandy brown or gray colors. Key characteristics of Oriental gardens are eschewing straight, rigid walkways for curved or rounded ones with soft edges, and a generous use of Oriental imagery such as statues, paper lanterns, and Koi ponds. When creating an Oriental garden, always remember balance and harmony as your guiding principles.

Modern American landscaping design is a very geometric style. Rooted in the 50s and 60s, this style of Landscaping in Boulder, CO aims for a streamlined balance of aesthetics and functionality, creating a livable space in your garden. The modern style of landscaping uses bright shades of red, yellow, orange, and blue mixed in with light and dark neutral hues. An example of a furniture piece you may see in a modern style garden is a sofa with bright yellow cushions, dark gray or black couch pillows, and a frame built from sandy-colored stone. While some may feel that the geometry and rigid lines of modern landscaping are a bit constrictive, the style also perpetuates a sense of sophistication, organization and vitality that sets it apart from any other landscaping style.

Everyone wants to create their own, unique garden to express their personality, but it can be helpful to use established landscaping principles as guidelines for your creativity. Using these landscaping guidelines, you can design a garden with a classy English appeal, a peaceful Oriental atmosphere, or a streamlined modern design. Visit the website for more information

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