Choosing the Best Wheelchairs in Mystic, CT

Purchasing Wheelchairs in Mystic CT is not just buying a piece of medical equipment; it is about making it possible for someone to have a better, more comfortable life. The right chair can be the difference between mobility and independence or remaining at home and feeling stuck and helpless. Because it is such an important decision, take the time to choose the wheelchair that will provide all of the comfort and services you or your loved one will need.

The first decision to make is how much you can afford to spend. This could depend on what insurance covers as well as how long the chair will be used. Someone who is recovering from an injury and is expected only to use the wheelchair for a few months will probably not want to spend as much as someone who will be using the chair for years.
The next decision will be size. You need a large enough chair to comfortably support the weight of the user. It should also be wide enough to allow them room for themselves, a blanket or bag, and any additional medical devices.

Know where the chair will be used. Will it need to be able to move across grass and gravel surfaces or does it only travel on interior surfaces and pavement? The answers to these questions will help you to choose the wheel size and quality as well as whether or not a powered chair is necessary.

If the user of the chair will often be traveling, the chair may need to be easily portable and lightweight as well. This will make it easier to load into vehicles and take on buses and airplanes.

Additional conveniences are important too. If the chair does not have pockets, cup holders and items that make it easier for the user to carry their equipment wherever they go, does it at least offer the option to attach these types of items down the road? It is never a good solution to just toss a tote bag over an arm because this could throw off the balance and performance of the chair.

Take the time to look at the options for wheelchairs in Mystic CT before you commit to making any purchase. Talk to therapists, doctors and sales professionals for additional tips and advice to make certain you make the best choice for your needs.