Choosing Safe Pet Apparel in Albany OR

There comes a point in every dog owner’s life where they have to make a very tough decision: to clothe their dogs or not to clothe their dogs? Dog clothes and costumes are undeniably cute, but not all are safe for your pet. Here are some tips on choosing safe pet apparel in Albany OR. contact Albany Pet Hotel for more information.

No Rhinestones or Anything That Can Pop Off

Avoid dog clothes that have rhinestones, fake jewels or any other objects that can easily come off. The big problem is that the dog will swallow these pieces and choke. If the dog does not choke, then the pieces could cause intestinal blockages. Remember, dogs explore the world with their mouths and, in their minds, anything is fair game for food. Avoid hoodies since the hoods can get caught on objects or dog paws when he or she sits for a scratch.

Lets Dog Move Naturally

Pet Apparel in Albany OR should not restrict your dog’s movements in any way. including wagging the tail. Dogs need to see the tails of other dogs in order to communicate properly. Dogs also become very scared if they are placed in clothing that hampers their ability to walk, lie down or sit.

Not Too Hot

Dog clothes act like people clothes in that they warm up a body. Dress dogs in clothes appropriate to the weather. Never leave them unsupervised when clothed in case they get too hot or somehow get tangled up in clothing that has become loose or comes partway off. If a dog is panting so that he or she cannot even swallow, the dog is too hot.

Does Not Chafe Skin

When clothes constantly rub against skin or hair, chafing occurs. Clothes or costumes should only be on for a short while to avoid chafing and hair loss. The exceptions to these are coats for winter, dog life jackets and booties to protect dog paws in rough conditions. These should fit snugly and not slip about when the dog moves. Dog coats that resemble blankets put on horses do best to keep a short-haired dog warm during the winter than coats that look like people coats.

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