Choosing Headstones in Connecticut

Gravestones have been in use for hundreds of years, and were originally designed to take the place of the less personal tradition of marking a final resting place with gathered stones or wooden crosses. Throughout the centuries, they have transitioned from a basic name and date format to incredibly beautiful designs, often chosen to reflect the personality or history of the person buried beneath them.

The importance of the Headstones in CT cannot be understated. These monuments are not just a symbol of the love and respect people have for the person who has passed on. They also provide a historical register of the people who have populated the area for generations. After all, many genealogical searches begin in local cemeteries.

When the time comes to choose Headstones in Connecticut, there are many decisions to make. Some cemeteries restrict the size and shape of gravestones, so it is important to be aware of these restrictions before you invest in something which cannot be used.

Most people will begin by selecting the material they want the stone to be constructed of. This will be somewhat determined by budget. One of the most popular materials is granite because it is very durable and is available is many colors and patterns. Each piece of granite is unique, so no two headstones will ever look exactly the same.

The shape and size will need to be chosen, too. This is also another decision which will be decided partially by budget and by what you are planning to have inscribed. It will also matter if this stone is to be for a single individual or it is will be a family stone with multiple names and dates included.

Next, you will need to decide what will be inscribed on the stone. Name, date of birth, and the date of death are typically on every stone, but many other families will also include a poem, saying or religious passage. In addition, symbols such as roses or an image of the person themselves can also be incorporated.

If you have questions about purchasing a headstone, Shelley Brothers Monuments can answer those questions for you. They can also provide you with examples of what it possible to help you discover new ideas you have not considered. Contact them today for more information.

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