Choosing an Elevator Company for Repair and Maintenance

When the time comes to choose an Elevator Company in Washington DC, businesses often choose their provider based on the first name they encounter. Others simply continue to use the same provider former occupants have used, and some make this decision based on price alone. These are not appropriate ways to make this important selection, as a faulty elevator can be extremely dangerous. Following are some things to keep in mind when selecting an elevator company in Washington DC.


A company’s experience needs to be considered when choosing a provider of this type. Don’t simply look at their overall experience, however. Try to find a company that has received training from the elevator manufacturer, as they will be provided with the latest information and material when it comes to the particular model they are working on. Although elevators are very similar in terms of their construction, they do have slight differences. This may be important when the unit is to be repaired or maintained and the unit is less than ten years old.

Access To Parts

When comparing elevator companies, be sure to ask about parts availability. Although a technician cannot diagnose the issue without actually examining the unit, he or she will likely have an idea of where the problem lies. With this information, part availability is easier to determine. As mentioned above, when a company has a relationship with an elevator manufacturer, it may be easier for them to obtain the needed parts if they don’t have them on hand. This is critical, especially in high rise buildings with numerous floors, as the elevator needs to be repaired in the shortest time possible.

Customer Service

An elevator company should be able to assist in a short period of time. As mentioned with regard to part availability, elevators are often crucial in highrise buildings. Don’t work with a company that makes excuses, delays coming out to determine the problem, or doesn’t obtain the necessary parts in a reasonable period of time. Competition in the industry is of great benefit to customers in this situation.

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