Choosing an area rug or wall to wall carpeting

When one is considering carpeting often the choice has to be made between purchasing area rugs in Charlotte or wall to wall. The choice usually comes down to the activities in the room, the space and the family. One floor covering offers permanence while the other offers exchangeability, to make the correct choice consider the traffic patterns, the matching décor and of course, your budget. Each option has a number of advantages as well as disadvantages; learning about them will help you make the correct choice in carpeting.

Wall to wall can be very complimentary to just about any décor because these carpets are available in a wide range of colors which include neutrals such as grey, cream and brown. Most wall to wall carpeting leaves the factory with a stain repellant coating which can withstand the antics of kids and their pets running in and out all day. Wall to wall carpeting is ideal for cement floors or other floors which by nature are rough ad uneven, the carpet as the tendency to mask any imperfections in the underlying floor. Wall to wall carpet is a good solution if you are looking for permanence.

Conversely, wall to wall carpeting may not be the best if any family members suffer from an allergy. Carpeting, even though it can be vacuumed and steam cleaned still harbors a great number of allergens. Many people are allergic to pet dander, if you have a dog that has the run of the house, there is very little you can do about eliminating this allergen and the dust mites that it attracts.

Area rugs in Charlotte allow you to enjoy swathes of color in special areas throughout your home. Most area rugs are very colorful with intricate designs; they dress up a room more than any other feature. One of the built in beauties of area rugs is the fact that you can change them as the seasons change, during the winter you may wish to enclose your home in a warm space of reds, russets and browns but when summer comes, you want to be surrounded with bright vibrant colors. Area rugs allow for changes in mood throughout the year.

Area rugs in Charlotte in a wide variety of colors and designs are available from Carpet Discount Warehouse; these rugs can be bound to suit the size of your space


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