Choosing a Photo Booth in NY / Long Island- What to look for.

Photo booths rentals in Long Island and NY have been popular at Weddings, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16’s and every other type of event imaginable since early 2000 and are still going as strong as ever. They are the perfect way to capture the excitement and joy of the party. There are now literally hundreds of Photo Booth Rental companies to choose from in NY and Long Island and it can feel as if it has become your second job picking the right one. This guide should help you sort through the “web” and ascertain the correct photo booth company for your event.

When choosing a photo booth rental company in NY or Long Island for an event:

1. Do you want a “REAL” digital photo booth machine or do you want a more “open style” photo booth rental. With a “REAL” digital photo booth machine, the photo booth will be a solid unit, with the printer, camera, and computer all on the inside of the machine. This is sometimes called the “classic photo booth” because it is the photo booth style that many people grew up with in NY and Long Island. With the advancements made with today’s technology, most photo booths are now all digital, and the photo booth rental companies may offer a Facebook , Twitter or Instagram share option, as well as multiple print styles such as the classic four pose photo booth strip, or a more modern 4×6 print with multiple photos on it. NY and Long Island photo booth rental companies may also offer you props, and a custom logo imprinted on each photo strip. There are also a few photo booth companies in NY and Long Island that offer a “vintage looking” photo booth but that has all of today’s most popular digital enhancements.

2. An open style photo booth essentially has the same options as most enclosed photo booths, but instead of a “REAL” photo booth, the company sets up a backdrop behind the guests and the photo booth itself will be a small box that houses the camera and printer. While this may be fun, some folks might feel they are missing the nostalgia and privacy of a real photo booth- also, there may be some guests that may not participate in the open style booth due to these reasons. Both photo booths offer a ton of fun and your decision of course should be based on what you are after.

3. Insurance – most catering halls require photo booth rental companies in NY and Long Island to be properly insured, so make sure you ask before hiring anyone.

4. Photo quality – The photo quality will vary significantly amongst photo booth rental companies. Some companies use webcams (and the photo quality will generally not be acceptable), and some use DSLR cameras (high quality). Also, ask what type of printers they are using (steer clear of inkjet)… Dye sublimation printers are the most popular and offer the highest quality photo possible at speeds as fast as 10 seconds per print!

5. Scrapbook and Attendant – the scrapbook option that some companies offer for their photo booth rentals for Weddings, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs and Sweet 16’s in NY and Long Island is a wonderful keepsake for the bride and groom or guest of honor. Essentially the attendant running the booth will ask your guests to glue some photos into the scrapbook (guestbook) and present the book to you at the night’s end. It is also crucial that your photo booth rental company provides a SKILLED attendant who knows how to interact with guests of all ages, and JUST AS IMPORTANT, they should also possess the technical skills to “fix” the booth should anything occur (they should also have a full set of backup equipment and offer a money back guarantee should anything happen).

Many companies keep their costs down by hiring unskilled high school / college aged kids to run the photo booth and this can lead to disaster so make sure you know who will be running the photo booth at your once in a lifetime event.

6. Lowest price – as mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of photo booth rental companies out there and some will offer you “unreal” low prices as low as $400-$500 for the night….. While you might think you just received a great deal, there is a very good reason why they are so much lower than the more experienced photo booth rental companies.

7. Reviews, reviews, reviews – Make sure you review all the reviews on the internet on the photo booth companies you have in mind.

Hope these tips help!

Photo booths rentals in Long Island and NY have been popular at Weddings, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16’s and every other type of event imaginable since early 2000 and are still going as strong as ever. To know more information contact website domain.

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