Choose Bronze Memorials in Connecticut to Honor Loved Ones

Most memorials, much like headstones, are made of marble, granite, or bronze. All three materials have natural beauty, but bronze captures the attention and stands out from marble or granite. It also stands up to the elements better. Bronze Memorials in Connecticut are sanded and plated. That means they will not chip, crumble, or crack as easily as other materials will. The look endures well into the future, which is the point of having a memorial created.

A Combination

Bronze can be expensive, so many families opt for a combination of bronze and granite or marble. The center emblem or statue, for example, can be bronzed while the rest is less expensive stone. Corner pieces or a top molding can also be bronze. There are also stone colors that can resemble the look and richness of bronze, such as cat’s eye and some textured stones.

Slant markers are also a way to choose bronze without going into debt. Do not confuse slant markers with foot-stones or flat grave markers. These markers, also referred to as mini headstones, are cut so that they set above the ground and can be clearly seen. They can be just as ornate and meaningful as headstones but are more cost-effective because of the smaller size.

Add the Memorial Later

If families want to have Bronze Memorials in Connecticut but cannot afford them, they can be added at a later date. Postponing the placement of a headstone or memorial will provide family members with time to save the money needed to purchase the memorial. Final expenses are rising every year and can be burdensome to some families. Paying for a funeral and a memorial at the same time may be beyond their capacity.

Adding a memorial to a grave-site only requires the family to get in touch with an experienced monument and memorial company. Select the desired design, provide names and dates to be included, and leave the rest to the professionals. The company will contact the cemetery and make the necessary arrangements to place the memorial in the precise location when it is completed. Memorials are for those left behind, and the deceased family member would probably not want anyone to go into debt when waiting is an option.

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