Choose a Funeral Program in Bel Air to Save Money

by | Sep 24, 2018 | Funeral Services

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Funerals are expensive, and the costs are constantly rising. Since most of the expense is incurred for embalming and viewing times, well-established funeral homes, such as Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services, offer a Funeral Program in Bel Air. These are full-service packages that include all essential services provided by the funeral home. One or two-day visitation options are available.

Easy to Plan

In addition to saving family members money, a Funeral Program in Bel Air makes the process faster and easier by reducing the number of decisions that need to be made. Once a program is selected, the only other decisions needed are for items not included in the package. Depending on the program, the casket may or may not be included. People can visit the website for complete details of what is included in each offered program.

Choosing a Casket

There is a range of styles, materials, and prices from which to chose when it comes to caskets. If the deceased will be cremated after the viewing times, a simple and inexpensive pine box will suffice. Draping will cover it while people are paying their respects. It makes little sense to purchase an elaborate casket only to burn it.

Something nicer is more appropriate for a burial. While casket prices can be exorbitant, several decent designs are more affordable then people think. When discussing arrangements with the funeral director, be honest about the total budget. This will save time because only caskets in the desired price range will be shown and family members can select from those.

Keeping a Reception Simple

After the burial or cremation, it is customary to have some sort of reception for people to get together, share memories, catch up, and enjoy refreshments before heading back home or to work. Depending on the preferences of surviving family members, or the deceased if the funeral was pre-planned, this can be a brunch, coffee and danish, or a formal sit-down meal. Keeping this a simple affair will save money, be less of a hassle to plan, and allow family members to spend the rest of the day grieving in private. Visit the website for more information.

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