Children’s Play In Child Care

If it is true that children of all ages will play under all circumstances, then it is an even greater truism to say the same of pre-school children. Childcare is a necessity in today’s world and is surely a primary consideration in any decision to start a family. As any parent will tell you whether they reside in Bloomsburg, PA or Phnom Penh play is an integral part of their children’s education and personal development. All adults know that children loved to play and as such education and play are inextricably linked and as such childcare to be successful must reflect this fact. In psychological circles play is expressed as the child extending themselves into the world around them.

Why is play so important?

From the point of view of a child the world has to be a bewildering if not scary place and their education and childcare needs to reflect this. For children, being able to take control of the world around them removes fear and uncertainty. If you give a child an educational toy or task they have never seen before, repetition will lead to familiarity. The child can repeat the action and the ringing bell or buzzing noise and congratulatory voice makes the external word less confusing and considerably more fun. Fun equates to good feelings which can only lead to more play and therefore more curiosity and so more active learning. This of course is the whole point of encouraging play in the first place.

Play and Confidence

It cannot be understated that variety in childcare leads to curiosity and a key aspect of encouraging confidence is to allow children the space to, be what they are, that is children. This means at the most basic level watching how they interact with their peers. This allows the childcare practitioner to plan and organize a learning environment that different groups of children can enjoy together. In short play becomes an essential component in the development of the whole child. In short incorporating play into education and childcare ensures a solid platform for ensuring that each child fulfills their potential in later life. Play ensures that children obtain new skills ranging from manual dexterity and arithmetic to drawing and their alphabet.

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