Charged With OWI? You Need a Drunk Driving Lawyer in Beaver Dam WI

The consequences of an OWI conviction are serious enough to make is worthwhile to hire a lawyer as soon as possible after you are arrested. Though you can represent yourself in court, the chances of winning without an attorney are very slim. To convict you of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, the prosecution must prove that you drove a car and that you were so impaired that you were unable to drive safely. A drunk driving lawyer in Beaver Dam WI can help you discredit the state’s evidence against you.


One of the first things your lawyer may do is talk to witnesses that can testify that you were not impaired before you got into your vehicle. Good witnesses are those people you were with immediately before you drove. The police officer who arrested you will be in court to testify about your behavior. Having witnesses to say that the officer is mistaken may convince the judge or jury that you are not guilty of the crime. If you were alone before you started driving but you have valid reasons for not being able to perform field sobriety tests, you may present witnesses to tell the court about a medical condition that prevents you from walking in a straight line or an allergy that causes your eyes to appear bloodshot.

Your drunk driving lawyer in Beaver Dam WI may also challenge the reason the officer decided to pull your car over in the first place. Whether or not you had a drink before you got behind the wheel, the officer must have a valid reason to stop your car. If you were not weaving, didn’t run a red light and weren’t varying your speed on the road, the officer may not have had a reason to pull over your vehicle. When an attorney can prove the traffic stop was improper, all of the evidence obtained after the stop may be inadmissible.

There are a number of defenses you can use to beat an OWI case. To find a lawyer who has the skills and experience to defend you in court, visit the website and call to make an appointment for a consultation.

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