Characteristics of Scandinavian Interior Design for Edina, MN, Homeowners

If you are considering creating a beautiful home design based on Scandinavian principles, then there are some important concepts to keep in mind.

Carpeting is almost never seen in Scandinavian interior designs. Instead, the beauty of hardwood floors is emphasized. Rugs and sheepskins may be laid down on the floor to help divide areas.

Northern areas of Scandinavia may have snowfall for eight months out of the year and the sun may shine for less than four hours a day. Therefore, people use very light colors to decorate the interior of their homes to help offset the darkness and dampness seen outside.

Most pieces of furniture feature lots of light-colored wood. When you go to Scandinavian furniture stores in Edina, MN , you will see pieces with prominent wooden legs, wooden chair arms, and strong wooden platforms. Much of the wood used may be tweak.

As you walk around the Scandinavian furniture stores or look online, you will see pieces with very clean lines. Most homes in Scandinavia are small, so the design helps to maximize the use of space. You will also discover that there is very little clutter in Scandinavia homes. You will also see the use of bare walls or walls with one picture prominently displayed. Combining these three principles at your home gives you a very modern-looking home.

Window treatments, if used at all, are designed to let in as much natural light as possible. As with the furniture and walls, there is little ornamentation. White curtains are often chosen over colored ones.