Certified Public Accountants and how to find the right one

Maintaining, growing, and keeping all of your employees happy are just a few things required to successfully run a business. You also need to worry about your finances. Do you have enough money to keep your employees paid? Is there money for inventory and company growth? What about emergency funds or debt management? Businesses of all sizes need to know their finances are being taken care of, but finding the right certified public accountant can be hard. How do you know who’s good and who’s not?

Qualifications, education and people-skills

Certified public accountants in most US states are required to have a bachelor’s degree in business and an accounting course. In addition, they usually need at least 150 hours of study in those areas. Once those tasks are met, they can apply to take the CPA examination. This exam normally takes around 14 hours and tests the participant on auditing, financial accounting and reporting, regulation and business environment. In addition, the knowledge of spreadsheet software and professional writing skills are tested. Each state may have additional testing required on top of the CPA exam; it simply varies from area to area. Aside from education and qualifying tests, you want to find an accountant who is friendly and social. A person who loves their job will do that job better than someone who is unhappy, so speak to the accountant in advance and get a feel for their opinion on their job. If they act too busy or stressed to answer your questions, find someone else to work with.

Are CPAs safe to put in charge of my business finances?

While CPAs do have access to the delicate inner workings of your financial web, you should not feel worried about using one – on the contrary, using a CPA Firm should help alleviate some of your worries and stresses regarding your business finances. In order to become certified, an accountant goes through a variety of tests and background checks, including fingerprinting, which puts them into a permanent storage database. This also adds to another level of protection for your business and your finances. While there have been some “bad apple” accountants, it is certainly not the norm and you should not be afraid to use the services provided by a friendly and qualified CPA. Just ask about their qualifications and education. You can ask for references too. Check them out and you have nothing to worry about.

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