Certifications For Working With At Risk Youth

by | Apr 18, 2022 | Association or Organization

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As a team leader or organization manager, it can be very challenging to find the right programs to provide your youth workers with the skills needed to effectively manage all aspects of their job.

YIPA has created a self-study program that offers youth workers the basics and beyond. The training is based on a competency framework that reflects the many different roles and responsibilities youth workers face in their job.

The YIPA Art & Science Of Youth Work Certificate

However, through certification, both managers and youth workers will have the benefit of a structured, comprehensive program. Working with at-risk youth training certifications is a simple way for youth workers to develop the skills needed to be more effective in their engagement with their clients.

In working with at-risk youth training certifications offered at YIPA, youth workers gain skills in eight essential focus areas. These include focus areas in youth development, the field of youth work, communication, ethics, intercultural engagement, behavior interventions, at-risk behaviors, and mental health basics.

The Results

By working with at-risk youth training certification through YIPA, youth workers can complete the course at their own pace from any internet-connected device. The modules are set up to be complete in a specific order, with quizzes at the end of each module.

Youth workers and managers will find the modules are engaging, insightful, and very related to the challenges youth workers face today. Completing the YIPA certification is an excellent way to gain insight, understanding, and skills. To try a free preview of the program, just register to view.

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