Categorizing Trade Show Exhibits

Trade shows are a booming industry. Indeed, they not only provide a space and environment in which to showcase your business and to promote it, but allow for invaluable networking opportunities. As trade shows only gain in popularity and business potential, it would behoove anyone interested in them to fully understand their ins and outs. One aspect that requires further understanding is the types of exhibits available. With custom exhibit displays, there are a range of shapes and sizes available to business owners. But knowing the fundamental categories of custom exhibit displays is crucial to picking the type that will best showcase your products and services.

Pop-up Exhibits

Pop-up Exhibits tend to be quite light and portable due to their light-weight folding frames. These exhibits allow you curves or soft-angled walls in which to showcase your exhibit. This is excellent for anyone wanting to draw people in to a more enclosed and intimate exhibit space. This desire will hugely depend on what you are selling: both in terms of the nature of the product and, of course, its size.

Panel Exhibits

Panel exhibits are perfect for the traditionalist. These exhibits consist of several rectangular panels that are coated with a light-weight fabric which can house both information about your products and often even the products themselves. This kind of basic display is ideal for someone wanting to promote their business, and who does not wish to invest too much time and thought in constructing the newest of the new custom exhibit. Panel exhibits communicate effective effectively and get the job done.

Truss Exhibits

If you and your company values whatever is most up and coming, truss exhibits may be just the thing for you. When building your custom exhibit display, keep in mind that truss displays are made of light-weight aluminum and steel tubes. These materials lend a modern and sleek aesthetic to your exhibit, and also permit of being molded and bent in different directions in order to achieve a range of different shapes and sizes.

Table Top Display

Table top displays are, much like panel displays, a simpler mode of showcasing your business’ products and services. What is nice about this type of exhibit is that it is incredibly portable: sitting right atop a table top. Make sure that if this is the type of exhibit you opt for, that you purchase bright tablecloths on which to set it and come handed with plenty of swag to draw people in!

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