Carpet in Lancaster, PA: Is a Tight Weave Better than Plush?

Most people associate carpet with a soft, plush surface, but this isn’t the only option available. In fact, it’s not always even the best one. A tightly-woven carpet is better for high-traffic areas like offices and retail stores. At home, commercial-style carpeting can be good in hallways and foyers, where a plush carpet would soon be crushed by the concentrated foot traffic.

Taking care of a tightly woven carpet in Lancaster, PA is different from caring for a pile one. This is because tight, looped fibers tend to trap dirt that gets below the top layer. Therefore, very frequent vacuuming is required to keep it from getting a dingy look that even a machine might not be able to remove. Surprisingly, this is less of a problem in commercial environments than homes. Many offices make it standard practice to vacuum their floors at least once a day and sometimes more. In homes, such repetitive work is more likely to be skipped. Therefore, homeowners should consider using washable rugs or runners to keep soil from ever reaching a tightly-woven carpet.

In the home environment, a plush carpet is almost always preferred. The density of the plush can range from thinly-populated inexpensive shag all the way to the costliest Saxony. As would be expected, the thicker the plush, the better the feel of the flooring. However, an evenly-cut pile like Saxony will show footprints until vacuuming is done to line all of the fibers up nicely again. Therefore, busy rooms are usually better off with a type of plush that isn’t so evenly cut and isn’t quite so dense. It’s not as “fancy,” but it’s also not so exacting that you could see when a single fiber is out of place. The low end of shag, however, is best avoided. It doesn’t have the density to give it the durability needed to last for years.

The weave is just one of the things to consider when buying new carpeting. When you check out a showroom at a store like heritage floors inc., be sure to consider various colors and patterns and think about how well they’ll show or hide soiling. Also be sure to check out features like stain resistance to increase your satisfaction even more.

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