Caring For Marble Kitchen Countertops In Minneapolis Homes

The quality of sealants and products used to clean and maintain marble in the home has changed significantly over time, with much better products now on the market than even a short time ago.

For any home in the Minneapolis area, adding marble kitchen countertops is not only a beautiful solution for renovations or new home construction, but it is also a practical option. As with any type of countertops, there are some simple and basic care and maintenance tips to use to keep the counters looking like new for decades.

Color and Pattern Considerations

As with any type of natural stone, there are differences in the color and pattern options in marble. In the same consideration, the white and cream colored marbles with lighter veining are more likely to show any surface staining or etching compared to the darker colors.

However, both types of marble are cared for using the same techniques. For a kitchen that sees a lot of food prep and entertaining, considering the color of the kitchen countertops, should be the first decision.


The top natural stone countertop companies in the Minneapolis area always seal the marble countertop after installation. This is a clear, invisible coat that prevents liquid spills from entering the surface pores of the stone.

The sealant does need to be re-applied as needed, which is typically every two to four years. With the sealant in place, simply use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe down the surface. Clean up any spills as quickly as possible on the surface is also a good habit to keep your marble kitchen countertopslooking like new. Avoid using any type of kitchen cleaning products on the marble unless designed for natural stone.

General Considerations

As with any countertop, avoid placing any hot pots or pans from the stove or the oven directly on the counter. Use a trivet or a potholder to prevent rapid heating of the surface of the stone.

Additionally, do not cut directly on the marble, and avoid dragging heavy utensils and kitchen appliances across the surface to keep the counters free from scratches.

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