Caring For Interior Window Shutters Sarasota FL

When a homeowner decides to have wooden Interior Window Shutters Sarasota FL installed, they will soon enjoy the rustic appearance they give to the room. Using wood shutters can instantly transform a room, giving it a new atmosphere as a result. It is important to take the proper steps needed to keep wood shutters looking their best.

It is a good idea to clean wood shutters every few days to help prevent dust from accumulating between the slats. This can be done with a piece of microfiber cloth. Cloths that use static electricity are also a good way to remove dirt. Simply slide the piece of cloth between each slat, removing debris in the process. Afterward, close the shutters and wipe each slat down, paying close attention to the edges where dirt tends to accumulate.

If desired, a vacuum cleaner attachment can be used to remove dirt build-up. Place a soft-bristled attachment on the vacuum and hold it a bit away from the wood so it does not scratch the surface. This will easily remove dirt from the wood without the need to do much physical labor.

If shutters appear grimy, they will need to be cleaned with a moist cloth. Water or vinegar can be used to remove dirt, but it is important to wring out the cloth before applying it to the surface, so minimal moisture sets into the wood. Do not use a household cleaner as this could alter the appearance of the wood by causing it to crack or peel. After the area is rubbed down and dirt is removed, the moisture will need to be dried right away, so it does not cause rotting of the wood. Use a hair dryer immediately to remove any leftover moisture from the shutters. Click here for more details window shutters in Sarasota, FL.

If someone is in the market to put Interior Window Shutters Sarasota FL in their home, and they wish to learn more about caring for them properly, they can contact a reputable blind distributor for more information. Contacting a company like Blinds & Designs is a great way to get new blinds at a competitive price.

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