Care for Your Companion at Pet Hospital in Hartford County, CT

Any pet owner understands that our pets are more than just the animals that live in our home. Our pets are truly part of our families, and they deserve excellent medical care just like any other family member. Finding the right animal clinic to take your pet to comes down to finding a veterinary staff that is focused solely on the care of the animals and making sure their owners are happy with the service. Whether a pet needs a routine examination with some vaccinations, surgery, or other service, the Windsor Animal Clinic is one Pet Hospital in Hartford County, CT that can provide these top of the line services.


Dogs and cats make up the majority of the animals that visit most animal clinics and both of these animals have certain needs on an annual basis. Dogs and cats both need to be taken in to an animal clinic once a year to have a physical exam as well as some annual vaccinations. Keeping pets vaccinated is a key element in helping these animals live a long and healthy life. The physical exams are also a vital part of keeping pets healthy. These exams give veterinarians an opportunity to find anything that might be wrong.

The Windsor Animal Clinic is an elite Pet Hospital in Hartford County, CT because they also offer advanced services for pets like x-rays and radiology. This allows pet owners to have one place to take their pets for all the services they might need. Microchipping is another service offered by this animal clinic. Having a pet microchipped is the best way to ensure their safe return home should they ever run away or get lost. The microchip will immediately identify a pet when they are found.

It is important for pet owners to be able to trust their animal clinic and feel that they are offering their pets the best service possible. The staff at Windsor Animal Clinic is dedicated to providing quality pet care for every animal that comes through their door. It is a good idea to Visit their website to learn more about the clinic, the staff and all the services they offer.


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