Car Detail in Baltimore is More than Just a Car Wash

Most vehicle owners like to have cars and trucks that are clean and shiny, and they wash and wax their vehicles frequently. They even vacuum out the interior, including the floors and seats. Others like to take it a step further and have everything cleaned and restored, both inside and outside of the vehicle. This is known as auto detailing, and it can make vehicles look almost like new, depending on their condition. Most detailing is done inside the vehicle, but there is some outside work done as well. It all begins with vacuuming, and in some cases, the seats are removed so the job can be done as thoroughly as possible.

Once everything has been vacuumed, the cleaning part of the Car Detail in Baltimore begins. Mats, upholstery, and carpeting is cleaned with special cleaning products, and often a wet/dry vacuum is used to keep the materials from getting too soaked during stain removal. Vinyl trim is cleaned and treated so it doesn’t dry out and crack, with the exception of steering wheels. The treatment can be oily, and it is important to be able to have a good grip on the steering wheel.

Everything on the dash is cleaned, including the acrylic cover of the speedometer. Special treatments are used to remove any scratches and make it look like new. The heating and air conditioning vents are meticulously cleaned, and every little crevice in the dash and console is made free of dust and dirt. Then, all of the windows are cleaned on the inside. But, this doesn’t complete the Car Detail in Baltimore at Diamond Detail Inc. Now it is time to start working on the exterior of the vehicle.

The wheels and rims are cleaned and polished, and the sidewalls of the tires are cleaned. All chrome on the vehicle is cleaned until it gleams, and the windows are washed and treated with a rain repellent. Even the engine is cleaned. Vehicle owners who want to keep their cars and trucks looking new get the best Car Detail in Baltimore from the professionals at Diamond Detail Inc.


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