Can you handle being a trauma nurse?

Graduates from Cincinnati nursing schools have great number of areas in which they can turn to practice their profession. One can deal with pediatric care or the other end of the spectrum, care of the elderly and there are those graduates who become trauma nurses. A trauma nurse specializes in handling emergency patients, the nurse identifies the problems that the incoming patient has and focuses on stabilizing them until further treatment can be arranged.

Although trauma nurses can be found in various venues, they are most often found in the emergency room of a hospital where they process all incoming emergency patients. The trauma nurse is also assigned to critical care wards where the patients are prone to experiencing a medical crisis or emergency. Trauma nurses are often employed by operators of air ambulances where they keep the patient stable during transport by plane or helicopter.

As you see by the areas where they are found, the trauma nurse must be able to stand up to tremendous pressure. The environments in which they work are usually in chaos with a number of serious trauma cases to handle simultaneously. In the medical field today, there are a large number of doctors who come to the US to study and work from other countries. Many of these professionals are assigned to the emergency room as an integral part of their education; the result is that all those who work in this environment must be able to coordinate with one another while contending with certain language and cultural barriers, those who work in an emergency room work as a team.

Graduates from Cincinnati nursing schools who pursue work as a trauma nurse have usually focused on this area during their years in school and training. Although a recent graduate can migrate into emergency work immediately, some nurses find it beneficial for their career to pursue additional training and education in trauma care. As time goes by, nurses are expected to keep up with the changes in the medical field and they do so through workshops, journals and their professional organizations.

Those nurses that pursue work in a trauma ward are faced with emotional stress at every turn, they need to cope with the patient, the patient’s family members and they have to triage patients.

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