Can Road Rage Lead to the Need for a Car Accident Lawyer in Denton, TX?

Road rage is more prevalent than ever, and many people experience at least minor road rage once in a while on their typical commute. In some cases, road rage presents itself as someone who is mad and causes an accident or attacks another person, causing them injuries. When this happens, the person might want to contact a car accident lawyer in Denton, TX to see if they have a case for compensation for their injuries.

Typically, road rage that leads to serious injuries falls under the direct action personal injury category. This means the action was directly caused by a person and not the result of negligence like most personal injury cases. The person who was mad and caused the injuries will typically be arrested for their actions, although that doesn’t directly relate to the compensation needed by the victim. Instead, the victim will want to consider hiring a lawyer who can help them take the case to civil court to get the compensation they’re entitled to.

The criminal case can affect the civil case, but won’t always. If the person is convicted of the criminal case, it’s more likely the victim will receive a favorable judgement for the civil case. However, if the person isn’t convicted for any reason, there can still be a civil case. With a civil case, the amount of evidence needed to prove the person was at fault is lower than the requirements for the criminal case, so it’s still possible for the person to obtain compensation even if there wasn’t a favorable criminal case.

If you’ve been the victim of road rage, whether you were attacked or you were injured in a car accident the other person caused on purpose to hurt you, contact a car accident lawyer in Denton, TX today. They can help you determine if you’re owed compensation for your injuries and, if so, they can help you get the compensation you’re entitled to. Visit  today to learn more about car accident cases, or to talk to a lawyer about your own case to see what your options are.

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