Can Offshore Medical Coding Be Beneficial to Your Medical Practice?

There is an unfortunate reality in the United States that no matter how you choose to look at the facts, it has become expensive, from a business standpoint, to practice medicine in America. While there are several mitigating factors that are responsible for this, the largest one, by far, has to do with the significantly increased cost of obtaining malpractice insurance over the last several years.

As a result of this situation, many doctor’s offices are trying to find places where they can save money, and this has given rise to the practice of offshore medical coding. However, not all offshore medical coding opportunities are created equally, and it is important to understand both what offshore medical coding is and whether it would benefit your medical practice or not.

What is Offshore Medical Coding?

Offshore medical coding can be, in the simplest possible terms, defined as the practice of hiring a company in another country to handle all the coding needs for a doctor’s office. Much of this outsourcing goes to countries such as India, but in recent years, other countries around the world, such as the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, and various countries in Central America have also opened medical coding centers that service global clients.

Is Offshore Medical Coding a Good Fit for Your Practice?

As with most other services, you would want to evaluate the offshore medical coding center you are thinking about retaining by asking some questions about them, such as the following items:

  • Does the country already have a remote coding program instituted there?
  • Does the company have the necessary technology infrastructure already in place to process your order?
  • Has a departmental workflow for remote coding practices already been established?
  • Is this vendor completely HIPAA compliant?

For more information on offshore medical coding, contact Gebbs Healthcare Solutions through their website today.

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