Can Dentists in Stratford Handle Bone Regeneration?

The human body never fails to impress. When a person gets a small cut, he or she assumes that it will heal alone, but they do not think about the elements involved in making this happen. Will their blood coagulate and help the skin crust over allowing the skin to regenerate itself or will the body reject healing allowing an infection to set in? With that being said, what is bone regeneration and how can it help patients seeking help from Dentists Stratford?

Unfortunately, this process does not happen as easily as in the dermis, and certain problems require intervention from a specialist. As people age, they are more likely to get gum disease, an infection that can also lead to tooth loss. If this is your case, bone regeneration is often needed to prevent tooth loss or to prepare the jaw for dental implants. When a person is in the early stages of periodontal disease, the specialist usually decides on treatment by obviating surgery treatments, such as scaling and root planing. By the time the infection has led to bone loss, their dental tissue cannot recover by itself, so the patient may have to undergo other various procedures.

Bone regeneration techniques may also benefit patients with missing teeth and those who are not qualified to receive dental implantology. Although dental implants may solve tooth loss, they need a significant amount of jawbone. Bone regeneration is intended to help patients whose jaw is impaired to support dental implants. Most people know that a successful bone regeneration treatment will vary the overall health of the patient, the amount of bone that is lost and the type of materials used. Obviously, the sooner this treatment is received, the better. It will also be important that the patient continues treatment with proper care at home as this will increase the chances of success and also prevent recurrence.

People must realize that the advanced stage of periodontal disease cannot be cured, although it may be. If you are one of the thousands of patients who suffer from this problem, you should take the necessary measures to prevent bone loss. A good oral hygiene routine is essential and when coupled with regular visits to a dentist you trust, maintaining optimal conditions for both your health and your smile becomes easier. Visit Modern Family Dental to learn more.

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