Can A Dentist Be A Periodontist Near Hyde Park?

Play a game of word association and many people’s reaction to “dentist” would be “pain”. Equally, if you asked them to be serious, they would probably all know at least two facts about the “dentist” word –

1. That people who practice good oral hygiene are unlikely to have painful visits to their dentists – simple checkups and, maybe, some cleaning but no real pain.

2. That, regardless of any pain factor, it is good to develop the habit of making regular visits to a dentist before being driven there by a toothache.

However, ask them about a periodontist and the response is likely to be – “who is that and what do they do?” The answer is likely to be as difficult to understand as the word itself. A periodontist specializes in diagnosing and treating the periodontium, the periodontal ligament, the cementum, and the alveolar bone. This only becomes clear when you find out that these are all within your mouth and periodontics includes the study of your gums (gingiva). In plainer language, it is all about the supporting structure (bone and tissue) that keeps your teeth in place within your mouth. The word itself is derived from the ancient Greek words for around and tooth.

Simple logic would imply that, in order to be a good Periodontist Near Hyde Park, you would also need to have full knowledge about human teeth; not only can a dentist be also a periodontist but a periodontist must be a qualified dentist before they can train and pass exams to be licensed to practice periodontics.

To become a Periodontist Near Hyde Park, you need to –

* complete and pass a four year course in dentistry at an approved college

* having graduated in dentistry, you then need to attend a three year postgraduate course in order to obtain your PhD in periodontics

* you then need to pass a National Board examination in order to apply to be licensed to practice Near Hyde Park.

Obviously, it takes a special kind of dedicated person to successfully undertake all the requirements for becoming a Periodontist Near Hyde Park. For us, the patients, we would not normally know when we need a periodontist and we are more likely to be referred to one as a result of a visit to our regular dentist. Visit South Loop Dental Specialists to know more.

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