Camacho Cigars: Authentic Cuban Flavor

Camacho cigars are a non-traditional style of cigar. The company blends the best of old world style Cuban cigars and modern advances in manufacturing technology. If you are looking for a relatively high-end cigar that can be enjoyed with a glass of whiskey, this is it. Cigar Insider has regularly rated Camacho cigar varieties highly and Cigar Snob rated the Camacho Ecuador at 92 points. If you are not familiar with the brand, learn a little about its history and the wide variety of cigars it produces.

History of Camacho Cigars

Camacho Cigars was founded by Simon Camacho in 1961. Camacho was a Cuban exile who settled in Miami, Florida. His brand was wildly popular in both the United States and among the international community. It is said that this was the favorite brand of Winston Churchill and a special cigar line was named in his honor. After Simon Camacho passed away in 1995, the company was sold to The Eiroa family and eventually was acquired by Oettinger Davidoff Group in 2008. The Eiroa family also has a long history of cigar-making and Julio Eiroa has been credited with the boom in tobacco growing in Honduras.

Camacho Cigars use tobacco from and are manufactured exclusively in Honduras. In the United States, the brand is marketed as All-American in quality. They are bold, loud, and flavorful – as many American would proudly describe themselves. The company itself claims that they “aren’t Grandpa’s cigars,” providing a personality profile of what to expect.

Varieties of Cigars Available

Camacho Cigars makes products on three levels to ensure there is something available for every price point. Their core brands are:

  • Liberty
  • La Fontana
  • La Fontana Consigliere
  • LegendArio
  • LegendArio Connecticut
  • Outdoorsman

The majority of its products fall under the premium cigar blend category. These include:

  • Camacho Corojo
  • Camacho Connecticut
  • Camacho Havana
  • Camacho Coyolar Puro
  • Camacho SLR Maduro
  • Room 101 Original
  • Room 101 San Andres

The top level of cigars, ultra-premium, was created in limited quantities and is available from only a few retailers. This list includes cigars under both the Camacho and Room 101 labels.

Camacho Cigars and Environmental Responsibility

One of the many qualities that set Camacho Cigars apart from competitors within the industry is their unique focus on environmental responsibility. Camacho follows the Bayer CropScience guidelines for manufacturing and agricultural practices. This includes several best practices, including industrial safety, biosecurity, the use of bio-friendly pesticides, and responsible use of natural resources.


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