Calling Plumbing Service in Des Moines When A Pipe Breaks

When winter weather settles in for the season, the possibility of frozen pipes increases. It is extremely important to take action before freezing temperatures arise to protect pipes from potential bursts. Here are a few precautionary steps to take to keep pipes intact when the temperature plummets. If a pipe does burst, contact a Plumbing Service in Des Moines for help.

Warm Pipes With Insulation

Pipes will fare much better in cooler temperatures if they have a layer of insulation wrapped around them. Piping insulation is relatively low in cost and is found in hardware stores. It comes in a foam and tape forms. Simply slide a foam sleeve over an exposed pipe or wrap it with insulation tape to protect the contents from freezing when temperatures drop. If these items are not obtainable and freezing temperatures are expected immediately, wrap pipes with pieces of newsprint as a temporary fix.

Increase The Exposure To A Heat Source

Pipes in areas of the home where temperatures are at their coolest, such as in basements or garages, are usually the first to freeze. Consider adding some heat to these areas to help keep the water inside of these pipes warmer. Use a space heater in these areas when the temperature outdoors is at its coldest. Inside the home, open the cabinets underneath sinks to expose the piping so heat makes its way to their surfaces.

Allow Faucets To Drip In Extreme Cold

When temperatures are expected to be below freezing, it is wise to allow faucets in the home to drip slowly. This will keep the water inside of pipes moving at a constant rate, making it more difficult for it to freeze. The cold water faucets on sinks or tubs can be turned slightly to allow dripping and then tightened again when the temperature rises and there is no longer a risk of freezing.

When there is a need for Plumbing Service in Des Moines to help with pipe freezing incidents, opt for one that is available around the clock. This ensures the home will not sustain further damage from the water after a pipe burst.