Buying Residential Real Estate With Flat Roofing in Gainesville, FL

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Roofing

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People shopping for residential real estate in Florida may be wary of buying a home that has a flat roof. They might consider, however, that many homes in this state have flat roofs and the residents are satisfied with this feature. Contractors providing installation and maintenance of flat roofing in Gainesville, FL, have numerous residential customers.

Flat roofs are actually relatively common home features in southern Florida. However, most of these houses are older. Nearly all the newer homes in this region have a pitched roof.

The Primary Advantage

The primary advantage of residential flat roofing in Gainesville, FL, is its affordability as compared with pitched roof installation. Since temperatures rarely fall below freezing, there’s no need for pitched roofs to prevent the accumulation of heavy wet snow. Many people also like the architectural style of a house with a flat roof.

Slight Slope and Zero Pitch

Some of these roofs actually have a very slight pitch that allows rainwater to run off. That slope is about 2 percent of the roof’s surface, making it barely noticeable from the ground.

A zero-pitch model holds the water just as any hard-flat surface does. Eventually, that water evaporates and blows off in the wind. Roofing contractors install systems that are specially designed to prevent leaks under these circumstances.

Concluding Thoughts

A flat roof constructed of quality materials and installed by skilled workers should last for a very long time. Visit Duffield Home Improvements for an expert roofing contractor in Gainesville, FL.

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