Buying Car Insurance in New Haven for Your Teen Driver

One of the most exciting days for your teenager is the day they get their license. Unfortunately, this might be a little less exciting day for you. Not only do you have to consider their safety on the road, but you also have to find affordable car insurance in New Haven for your newly licensed driver. Here are some tips for saving money on insuring your new and inexperienced teen driver.

Good Grades
When you buy car insurance in New Haven for your teen driver, you can get a great discount if they are a good student. By getting good grades on their report cards, they are showing that they are learning to be responsible. Many insurance companies will offer a discount for your student driver if they maintain at least a B average either in high school or college.

Safe Vehicle
It’s recommended that you don’t purchase another car for your teen driver if you are trying to save money on insurance premiums. However, if you simply can’t avoid it, always choose safety over style. In addition to saving money on premiums, choosing a car with safety features will give you peace of mind as a parent. There are several ways you can determine if the car you choose is safe. For one thing, you can research the safety ratings by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. You can also search through Consumer Reports and other publications to find a car you would be comfortable allowing your teen driver to operate.

Drop Collision and Comprehensive Coverage
If the car that your teen is going to drive is an older model, you could be overpaying if you still carry comprehensive and collision on it. In some cases, your car may only be worth your deductible amount. In cases like this, why pay for the added coverage when you won’t even receive that amount following a collision if your car is declared a total loss? Know the value of your car and do some research to see if the premiums you are paying are worth it.

Multi-Policy Discounts
Do you have other things that are insured? If so, you can get a discount for putting everything on the same policy. For instance, if have a homeowner’s insurance policy and an auto insurance policy, you can save money by combining them. So if you have a teen driver and separate policies, you can get an additional discount on your premiums by putting them all together.

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