Business Growth With Full-Time Sales Consultants in the Chicago Area

A sales consultant is a team-leadership specialist focused on sales growth. Activities in the job include strategy development, sales plan development, and personnel recruitment. As a sales-generation expert with a history in multiple industries, a sales consultant takes on lead-generation tasks outside the scope of business management.

Business Issues to Address

A sales consultant must be a sales leader, typically in smaller organizations with no current sales-leading position or with only a sales-team management position. Issues a sales consultant in Chicago might handle include:

• Management tasks in instances where small-team managers have extraneous responsibilities

• Sales leadership for businesses where management has only a product or service-specific background

• Growth minded and newly-established businesses hitting process, plan or organizational roadblocks

• Companies that have a viable product for an underserved market but nevertheless register less-than-expected growth

Consulting Tasks

A professional multi-industry expert and sales consultant in Chicago provides a number of services not carried by a sales manager:

• Developing organizational structures, processes, incentive plans and other strategic measures

• Partnering with clients on overall strategies and business and sales plans

• Ensuring organizations have sufficient and quality sales personnel through strategic recruiting campaigns

Business Growth

Full-time sales leadership undertakes roles carried by overburdened business owners and managers and develops and leads teams geared for business growth. For sales leadership at an affordable price and for a no-cost, hour-long discovery session, contact the professionals at Choose Growth at (224) 236-2707 or online at today.

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