Building Your Dream Kitchen

Often the hub of a home, a kitchen serves as the focal point to gather with friends, family, and fantastic food. Whether you are looking to update your current space or completely renovate your in-home eatery, Oasis Home by NLM Design Interiors is eager to offer its professional savvy to the artistic process.

A popular place to meet new friends and mingle with old ones, every kitchen should be as unique as its host, with a personalized look unlike any other in town. From radiant color palettes to muted undertones, the keen eye and steady hand of an experienced interior designer has the potential to reinvigorate not just your living space, but the way that you live in it. Cupboards, counters, islands, appliances: every little detail should blend seamlessly with the feng shui of both your home and personality.

Whether you are revamping an old kitchen or breaking ground on a new home, the seasoned staff at Oasis Home by NLM Design Interiors is a proud provider of exceptional interior design in and around Asbury Park, New Jersey. Experienced in residential and commercial projects alike, we offer innovative and creative solutions to your home or business’ decoration needs. Contact us today to build your dream kitchen of tomorrow.

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