Build a New Home in Asheville Using Green Techniques

New home construction is changing. Today’s top home builders focus on construction techniques that are both creative and sensitive to the world around us. Green building is rapidly becoming the most important trend in modern construction.

Anyone seeking to build a new home in Asheville has a plethora of choices when it comes to selecting a contractor, but not all area builders are dedicated to creating homes that meet homeowners’ needs while also respecting the environment. No matter what size home is envisioned, area green building specialists like Osada Construction ( will create a quality home that is also energy efficient.

Green building is more than simply being energy efficient. Architects and builders look at all factors of construction and maintenance when designing a structure. Keeping energy use to a minimum during the construction, using materials that are both recycled and recyclable, and reducing the need for maintenance all contribute to a structure’s green status. Everyone involved in a building’s life cycle must be attuned to minimizing the total impact of the building on the environment.

That does not mean building a new home or remodeling an existing one needs to be boring. Dramatic styling and artistic elements can easily be incorporated into green home construction. Custom builders in the Asheville area employing green building techniques work with clients who share their vision for the future and want to use sustainable materials, but that in no way implies that design compromises need to be suffered. Truly beautiful green homes can be designed and constructed using practices that enhance long-term water use and material efficiencies.

Indoor air quality is increasingly becoming an issue with homeowners. Green building techniques enhance indoor environments, as components using harmful chemicals are judiciously avoided. That is especially important for residents with allergies or other respiratory conditions.

Anyone who plans to build a new home in Asheville should consider the impact their dream home can have on the surrounding environment. Local contractors employing green building techniques work with the homeowners to plan each phase of the construction process to be sensitive to the needs of both people and the surrounding environment. The results can be as stunningly beautiful as they are environmentally friendly.

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