Blister Packs to Keep Medication Safer

It’s likely that you’ve been purchasing many of your medications in blister packages for some time. Blister pack medication is must more convenient than medication packaged in bottles, as these take up less space, and make it more convenient to take a single dose with you on the go.

What you might not know about blister packs for medication is that these also help keep your medication safer than storing in bottles. Blister packs offer:

 * Protection from humidity

 * Protection from heat

 * Protection from light when UV resistant packs are used

For these reasons, blister packs for medication are much more practical than storing medication in bottles, because these extend the shelf life of the medications.

Blister packs offer safer medication storage, as well. Because of the individual packaging, it is readily evident if a blister pack has been tampered with. This eliminates many concerns among patients in facilities who may feel as though their medication passes through many hands before being delivered.

Overall, blister packs save money, as well. These cost less to ship to hospitals and consumers, because they weigh less than bottles. In addition, blister packs may extend the shelf life of medications, due to being more temperature and light resistant.

Blister packs are useful for standard dosing of medication, but of course, cannot work when special dosages are required. In these circumstances, pharmacists still prepare the correct dosage for the patient and store in bottles or other appropriate containers. However, with many medications today being delivered in standard dosages most of the time, it’s easy to use blister pack medications for most dosing requirements.

Recent years have seen a wide range of innovations in the pharmaceutical industry. None, however have been more important than those in the way that medications are packaged. New trends like blister pack medications have helped control costs, increase convenience, and make medications safer.