Beware of Auto Sales Curbstoners in Montana

If you want a nice used car in Montana, you could visit one of the most trusted Billings car dealerships and receive a good deal. However, most people love great bargains, and you might see a late-model car advertised for an unbelievably low price. These cars are usually priced low for a reason, and you could be dealing with a curbstoner. Let’s look closer at these scam artists, so you can learn how to avoid them.

What is a Curbstoner?

Curbstoners are people selling cars illegally. These people make a living off flipping cars. They’ll buy a car cheap from someone and then sell it for a profit. However, in Montana, it’s illegal to sell vehicles you don’t own, unless you are a licensed dealer. Only Billings car dealerships can sell cars they do not own.

Problems with Buying from Curbstoners

When you buy from a curbstoner, you have no idea what you get. These people are unscrupulous and do whatever it takes to sell a car. For example, curbstoners may sell salvaged, or flood damaged vehicles or roll back the odometer readings. You get no guarantees when you buy a car this way.

Recognizing Scammers

Here are some ways to tell if a seller is an illegal dealer:

 * The car is in someone else’s name. He or she may claim that a friend or relative needs to sell the car fast.
 * Cars advertised at cheap prices
 * Multiple car ads with the same phone number
 * The deal seems too good.

How to Avoid the Bad Guys

When you do business with licensed and reputable Billings car dealerships, you get the best deals and have legal protection. A trusted used car dealer has a large inventory of quality pre-owned cars and helps you with financing.

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