Best Home Styles For Rustic Doors

The doors you choose for your home, either for the interior or the exterior, send a message about your personal taste and preferences. They also should match the exterior and interior of your home and complement the overall design and style. Depending on the type of home you have, rustic doors are a perfect addition, giving that extra detail and design that is impossible to match with other door options.

Rustic Styles

The term rustic doors may mean different things to different people. One of the most common elements of these types of doors is the use of natural looking wood. Knotty Alder is a very popular option for a rustic design as the grain in the wood combined with the unique addition of the darker “knots” in the wood is very traditional in appearance.

Aside from the choice of wood, rustic doors are virtually always left with a stained finish, typically medium to dark in color. However, you can choose a lighter or natural stain color to bring out the knots in the wood and also highlight the vertical grain.

It is common to see ornate types of camed glass, wrought iron grills, traditional clavos, and rustic and ornate nail heads, adding to the design of the door. These elements may also carry over to sidelights and transoms, which are a modern take on traditional rustic doors.

Brick and Natural Stone Homes

In keeping with the earthy, solid and strong look and construction of rustic doors they are naturally a perfect option with any type of natural stone or brick home. This includes both the traditional squared-off doors as well as the round or arch topped models.

These rustic doors also look terrific with a Mediterranean, Tuscan or Spanish style of exterior with a stucco or cement type of siding option as well. It can be left in natural slightly off-white, or painted a traditional earthy color to really add to the overall style and design. The arched or rounded doors will blend perfectly with any arched or rounded elements in windows or courtyard designs so common with this architectural style.

Choosing single or double rustic doors will ensure the entrance looks balanced with the size of the home. Double doors are very impressive and unique, while single doors will add to the appearance of the space in the front of the home because of their solid shape, design, and style.

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