Best Cars For Automotive Performance Tuning in Tempe, AZ

One of the questions people ask when they first get into performance racing is which car is the best one to be modified from a street vehicle to a performance racing vehicle. This is a very personal question and the answer depends on several factors, including the budget and time the car buyer has to devote to Automotive Performance Tuning in Tempe, AZ. The technicians at Cordes Performance Racing like the Camaro as a base vehicle for racing modifications, but some other vehicles are also great for those entering the world of performance racing.

  • Mustang : Body type may help determine how a particular Mustang year can be modified, as well as the purchase price, but Mustangs can be found at rallies, drag races, and road courses around the world for a reason; they have always been built to be fast.
  • Subaru 2.5RS: These four-door sedans do not look like race cars, but their stability provides a great base for the modifications needed to take rallies. Plus, they are common cars, which means it is easy to find parts for them.
  • BMW 3 Series: Easy to modify, the 3 series has straight sixes that deliver the power needed for racing. Plus, the BMW suspension seems made for handling a track.
  • Miata: They start lightweight, powerful, with a reliable engine, and designed to hug the road. Anything added to that only improves performance.
  • Honda CRX: These old-style cars might not look as sleek as the others on the list, but they are super-light and incredibly responsive to steering changes, making them whip around race tracks at surprising speeds.
  • Porsche 944: One of the cheapest Porsche models, it still offers all of the design elements that make Porsches stand-out as racing vehicles.
  • Porsche Boxter: First-generation Boxsters are surprisingly affordable, but they offer all of the sports performance people expect from a Porsche.
  • MINI: These tiny, adorable cars have surged in popularity and are viewed as upscale suburban compacts and subcompacts. However, they have real racing roots, all the way back to John Cooper’s work on Formula One winners. Modified, they can still take on cars that would appear to be much faster.

Whatever base car a person chooses, Automotive Performance Tuning in Tempe, AZ can transform it into a racing car that can hang with the competition and maybe even take some podiums.

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