Benefits of Regular Drain Cleaning in Katy TX

Many times a homeowner, who is continually dealing with clogged drains in their home, may want to consider having a professional come to the home and inspect the pipes and perform Drain Cleaning in Katy TX. In many cases, drains, which regularly stop draining, are an indication there are problems inside the pipes, which only a professional plumber can correct.

When a homeowner contacts a professional to come to inspect the pipes in their home, they often will use high-tech cameras designed to be sent into the pipes of the home so the plumber can actually see what is causing the problems in the pipes. Very often, this is how they will know if there is a clog deep down inside the pipes or if there is a buildup of organic matter lining the inside of the pipes and causing problems.

If there is a clog in the pipes of the home, the plumber can use either a rooter for tree roots or a heavy-duty plumbing auger to remove the problem. These devices have blades or hooks at the end of a long cable, which can be sent into the pipes until the clog is reached. Once the device reaches the clog, it can be turned to dig or cut through the clog. This will generally remove the clog entirely or allow water to push it through the pipes.

Sometimes no clogs will be present inside the pipe when the plumber does his or her inspection. However, the pipes maybe lined with grease, hair and other matter, which can easily lead to clogs being formed. This generally happens in homes, which are older and have collected these types of substances over the years. In this case, the plumber will use a device designed for Drain Cleaning in Katy TX. This machine is a hydro jet and it sends high-pressured water through the pipes. When this occurs, it blasts the matter from the interior of the pipes and sends it through the system. Having this done on a regular basis by a professional plumbing company, like Lifeline Plumbing, can be a good idea for most homes. However, for those homeowners who have older homes, it can be essential to help them keep the drains in their home clog free.

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