Benefits of Promotional Plastic Pens

branding on promotional items – making them more successful that TV or radio ads at getting your brand recognized. There are still some businesses that are on the fence about spending the up front money on promotional items, preferring traditional advertising to the “giveaway” style of brand promotion that is rising in popularity. Here are just a few reasons why all companies, small businesses and large, should consider turning to promotional plastic pens as a way to advertise to large audiences.

Low Cost

In today’s market, cost is king. Many companies are tightening their budgets, and marketing and advertising tends to be one of the first areas hit with cuts and budget restrictions when tough economic conditions hit. Using promotional plastic pens as a way to reach a wide audience is a significantly more effective approach to traditional print, television, and radio advertising. Nearly everyone needs to use a pen in their everyday life, and most people who receive a promotional item will remember the company that gave it away. Most people also turn the page, switch the station, or opt to pre-record their favorite television shows, making it exceptionally easy to completely ignore traditional advertising.


Consumers love to receive tangible, tactile items in exchange for giving a company their business. This makes clients and customers feel appreciated, and gives them extra incentive both to return to your business over a competitor, and to recommend your company to a friend.

Easy To Find

Never throw away your business cards, but keep in mind that giving something away in addition to a business card gives your company a better chance at being remembered. Business cards can get lost, thrown away, or repurposed much faster than a tactile object. Including contact information for your company on the pen can help your customer or client base stay in touch. It also makes it easier for them to pass your information on to friends.

Better Brand Recognition

Promotional pens are a great way to keep your business on the forefront of everyone’s mind. They are a widely used item that most people keep within easy reach at all times. Everyone from students to the service industry to your fellow executives uses plastic pens on a consistent basis, so why not turn that ubiquitous item into instant advertising for your business?

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