Benefits of Plastic Machining Services in Washington

Not long ago, plastics were “second class” when it came to materials, and metal was king. However, thanks to modern plastics and plastic machining services in Washington, this is not the case. Here are some of the benefits you can receive when you machine plastics.


On the surface, milling, grinding, or boring plastics is more expensive than molding. However, these costs are sometimes deceiving. For example, injection molding equipment is very expensive, and each time you make a different part or product, you need new molds. This can get very expensive, and if you don’t need thousands of parts, injection molding is not the most cost-effective option. In fact, for small and mid-size projects, plastic machining services in Washington can make the parts cheaper.

Waste and scrap are two major concerns with machine shops. By using plastic materials, you can cut your waste costs and increase shop efficiency.

Complex Parts

If you injection mold parts with threads, you can’t create precision threads. In fact, the process doesn’t work well for complex parts with beveling, holes, and special needs. It’s faster and easier to machine the parts you need.


Many molded parts still need finishing. For example, you may need to remove flashing or burrs created from the molding process. Parts might need extra work like drilling holes.

Perfect Prototypes

Thanks to modern CNC machines, it’s easy to produce complex prototypes for many applications. This is very important if you need parts from expensive metals like stainless steel or titanium. Plastic machining services in Washington can create highly precise prototypes for testing and research. It’s a fast and cost-effective strategy for research and development.

Best of Both Worlds

Some companies use injection molding processes and then machine the parts for finishing. This is important for parts needing precision or high tolerance work, and for parts that need special finishing.

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