Benefits of Installing LED Parking Lot Lights

Parking lots require proper lighting to ensure the commercial buildings are safe for the customers. This is primarily because dark parking lots create an environment for criminal activities. Having said that, the majority of parking lots have pole-mounted lights, but if they are converted to LED parking lot lights, they can offer an array of benefits.

Energy Savings

To begin with, an LED parking light consumes 75% less energy as compared to conventional lighting systems while creating better light. The LED parking lot lights have wattage ranging from 65 watts to 400 watts, but HID lights range from 400 watts to 1000 watts. For this reason, using LED lights will help save thousands of dollars in electricity bills.

Lower Maintenance Charges

The LED light fixtures tend to have a longer lifespan, and the lighting output reduces very gradually, which means you won’t have to change the lights for several years. On the other hand, the HID lights lose brightness and functionality rapidly, which results in higher maintenance costs and frequent need for replacement.


The LED lights are not only affordable and cost-effective, but they also offer better lighting for patrons and drivers in the parking lot. This is because a poorly lit parking lot can be a reason behind various accidents, which can be easily avoided by installing LED parking lot lights.

Limited Need For Fixtures

The LED lights have a higher brightness rate and long shelf life, which means you can use fewer fixtures. In addition, the LED lights tend to distribute the light evenly, leading to better light distribution by using fewer light fixtures.